Dr. Philip Clarke and Dr. Jose Villalba highlighted in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs 2015 Annual Report

Philip ClarkeDr. Jose Villalba


Two of the Counseling Department’s faculty members were recently highlighted in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Annual Report.  Dr. Philip Clarke and Dr. Jose Villalba were recognized for having their respective projects funded by sources from outside the University.



Dr. Clarke, in conjunction with Assistant Professor Nathaniel Ivers and Assistant Professor of the Practice Brian Calhoun (both of whom are also from the Department of Counseling)  launched the Care Train Project with funding from Wake Forest Baptist Health. Counselors conducted a support group at a local African American church, designed for family caregivers of individuals with dementia. The Care Train team then developed and imlemented a program to train the caregivers who had completed the pilot program, which would enable them to lead subsequent support groups for other caregivers. It is hoped that this program will soon be expanded to include and assist underserved groups in the community.

Dr. Villalba is working with Laura Gonzalez from UNCG on Latino Parents Learning About College (LaP-LAC)   Lap-LAC is a college-planning curriculum in Spanish and English to inform parents about the US educational system and to support parental roles as planners and providers for their families. The study will measure how well the LaP-LAC program enhances Latino parents’ ability to contribute to their children’s academic success.


Congratulations to Dr. Clarke and Dr. Villalba!