Dr. Samuel Gladding is quoted in the Chicago Tribune

stgThe holiday season is fast approaching–at some point during the coming weeks, you will most likely join family and friends for a meal to celebrate a holiday. Expect laughter, camaraderie, good eats and some wonderful memories.  But where have all our table manners gone? Have we spent so much time fussing over which fork to use that we’ve lost sight of hospitality, of being a good host and a good guest?

As part of an article on communication skills, and whether or not society has forgotten the ‘art of conversation,’  Dr. Sam Gladding makes this observation:  “It’s not that we’ve forgotten it as much as we’ve ignored it. The mode of communication — or the most popular these days — is indirect communication through Twitter or text on through, well, you name it.”

“Communication is an art form, but it seems to be a lost art at times when people gather together,” he adds.  Dr. Gladding also recommends “Try to not make an issue of something that’s not an issue. Try to deal with issues in private if you can. And if not, as gently as you can.”

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