Faculty, Students, and Alumni Present at the North Carolina Counseling Association (NCCA) 2013 Annual Conference

Faculty, Students, and Alumni recently presented at the North Carolina Counseling Association (NCCA) 2013 Annual Conference, “Empowering Visionary Counselors for 20/20 and Beyond,” at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro, NC.

Presentations Included:

  • Wellness based counseling for individuals diagnosed with a chronic illness and their caregivers, P. Clarke, D. Hall, R. Alli, and J. Villalba.
  • North Carolina Statewide Chi Sigma Iota Chapter Meeting, S. Kennedy, N. Adamson, P. Clarke, A. Dowden, B. McKibben, E. Wahesh
  • Wellness-Based Substance Abuse Counseling, P. Clarke
  • School Counselors Working with Immigrant Youth: Incorporating Personal/Social Development and Ethnic identity Development, L. M. Gonzalez & M. P. Eades
  • College to Career: Interventions to Enhance Career Decision-Making in College Students, H. Robinson & B. Montplaisir
  • Real World Research: Introducing Gen Y to Life After College, H. Robinson, B. Calhoun, L. Berg, and T. Fish
  • Success 101: Strategies for Counselors to Improve the Success Rates of African-American Male Students, D.J. Ford, Jr.
  • Using Video Technology in Supervision: Expanding the Reach of Quality Supervision to Counselors Across America [Poster], M. P. Eades