Wake Forest University ACE Fellowships Awarded to Dr. Tammy Cashwell and Dr. Mark Scholl

med_cashwelltammy07112013SchollMark Sp14The Department of Counseling’s Dr. Tammy Cashwell and Dr. Mark Scholl are two of the newest recipients of Wake Forest University’s ACE Fellowship Program. ACE Fellows integrate ACE pedagogy as a component in either a pre-existing or new course and thereby become advocates for community engaged teaching.

Dr. Cashwell plans to work with the H.O.P.E. (Help Our People Eat) program. Dr. Cashwell’s Masters-level students will assist at H.O.P.E.’s weekend community lunches.  She intends to introduce Wake Forest University counseling students to the realities of food insecurity in our community. Students will have the opportunity to interact with individuals of all ages, from elementary school children through to their grandparents, and will assist with food distribution and social interaction. Dr. Cashwell expects that this experience will not only assist in her student’s development as caring, professional counselors, but will also benefit the community as well.

Dr. Scholl intends to continue working with 2 additional members of the Counseling department—Brian Calhoun and Heidi Robinson—to offer career support counseling to ex-offenders in Forsyth County.  Dr. Scholl’s program consists of 4 workshops covering personal skills assessment, resume writing and interviewing skills, and local job search strategies. The final session is planned as a celebration of the participant’s progress, and success stories and plans for the future are shared by the group members.  Dr. Scholl expects that in addition to securing employment, those who complete the entire series of workshops will experience gains in hopefulness, career problem solving ability, and career search self-confidence.

In addition to providing pedagogical programs to enhance teaching, ACE Fellows share their knowledge and experiences, in an effort to increase the quality of our courses and generate enthusiasm for community engagement and service throughout the campus.  The ACE Fellows program provides stipends to award winners like Dr. Cashwell and Dr. Scholl, as well as programs and services designed to enhance teaching and enrich learning.

ACE Fellows also have the opportunity to work with new and veteran ACE Fellows, as they establish relationships with community partners, develop syllabi, and assess pedagogical strategies and outcomes.

Congratulations to Dr. Cashwell and Dr. Scholl!


ACE® and ACE Fellows Program® are registered trademarks of the American Council on Education. Wake Forest University’s ACE Fellows program is not affiliated with the American Council on Education. Posted on September 22, 2015.