Malaysian Counseling Professors Visit Department of Counseling

DSC_0705Dr. Mohamed Fadzil Che Din, President of the Malaysia Board of Counselors and Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for the National Defence University of Malaysia, and Dr. Wan Marsuki Wan Jaafar, a member of the Malaysia Board of Counselors and a Senior Lecturer in Department of Counselor Education at the Universiti Putra Malaysia, stopped by the Department of Counseling on the afternoon of November 14, 2013, for a brief visit. They spent time talking and reminiscing with Dr. Sam Gladding who has been an evaluator of counseling programs at universities in Malaysia, and a speaker at the Malaysian Counseling Association conference. They were accompanied on their visit by Adriana Petrini, International Programs Coordinator for the National Board for Certified Counselors International.

Malaysia is one of the fastest growing Southeast Asian countries. Just as the country itself is growing rapidly, the field of counseling in Malaysia is also growing at an incredible rate. Crucial groundwork has been laid, and several major milestones have recently been attained. Continued collaboration among health professionals in Malaysia, along with assistance from overseas professionals like Dr. Gladding and others, will help further Malaysia’s quest to serve the mental health needs of their citizens.

It was a pleasure having Dr. Din, Dr. Jaafar, and Ms. Petrini with us. We wish them a safe journey home!